• EV Sales Are Outpacing The Growth Of EV Chargers

    Owning an electric vehicle (EV) is fabulous: it’s clean, efficient, quiet, and speedy. Charging an EV has a couple of similarities with a gas-powered car, such as the look of the charging cable and the way it fits into the port. But fueling an EV can cause some expected effects, based on where yo...
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  • Charging methods in Europe and the United States

    European charging methods: Mode 1/2/3/4 classification mainly depends on whether the charging pile has communication with the electric vehicle. Mode1: A charging method that uses plug sockets and charging cables to directly connect the electric vehicle to the AC power grid (power supply). There ...
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  • How to become an approved electric vehicle chargepoint installer?

    Step One: Information To apply to be an OZEV-authorised installer, you must provide: 1. Your company name 2. Your head office location and UK address 3. Your bank account name, account number and sort code 4. Your Competent Person Scheme name and number 5. Evidence of relevant EV installation cou...
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  • European Market Outlook for EV Charger

    As environmental problems become increasingly prominent and the global automobile industry structure is reshaped, various countries have introduced measures to strengthen policy support for new energy vehicles. As the second largest new energy vehicle market after China, Europe is in the ascendan...
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  • EV charger group install solution

    EV charger group install solution

    Many EV charger projects are limited by the current of the site and cannot provide energy to enough charging piles. We have launched a plan for this after research and development.     “000” is the main pile of the pile group and has the function of controlling the local pile group. T...
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  • Electric Vehicle Charger Presentation

    Working status indicator Working status indicator 1.Blue 2. Green 3. Red It indicates the working status and whether there is a fault through the long light and flashing of different colors. number Status Blue Green Red 1 Power Off OFF OFF OFF 2 self-Test Flashing Flashing Flashing 3 S...
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  • 2024 European Smart Energy Exhibition TSEE (The Smarter E Europe)

    2024 European Smart Energy Exhibition TSEE (The Smarter E Europe)

    Exhibition time: June 19-21, 2024 Exhibition location: Munich New International Exhibition Center (New Munich Trade Fair Centre) Exhibition cycle: once a year Exhibition area: 130,000 square meters Number of exhibitors: 2400+ Number of viewers: 65,000+ Exhibition introduction: The Smarter E Euro...
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  • XINGBANG Group Shine at the 2024 Canton Fair

    XINGBANG Group Shine at the 2024 Canton Fair

    On April 15, the 135th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) was grandly held in Guangzhou, attracting the participation of tens of thousands of companies from around the world. As one of the leading companies in the field of kitchen appliances in China, Qingdao Xingbang Electrical Appliance...
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  • What effects ev charging speed

    OPTIMISE YOUR HOME CHARGING BY CREATING THE BEST CHARING CONDITIONS One of the most important factors to consider when charging an EV is the charging speed, which can be affected by several factors. These factors include battery capacity, charger power output, temperature, state of charge, and t...
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  • How to connect EVCS to TUYA

    How to connect EVCS to TUYA

    1.Add Turn on Bluetooth and turn on wifi automatic matching Reconnect the connected pile: press and hold the bottom button for 10 seconds or re-pair the wifi module button Settings-Current settings: Pile current settings, allowing the maximum current of the charging pile to be 32a EVC dual chargi...
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  • XINGBANG SKD plan for both AC and DC charger

    XINGBANG SKD plan for both AC and DC charger

    Considering that tariffs in many countries and regions are relatively high, in order to better meet customer needs, Xingbang has SKD solutions for all products. In order to ensure the quality of product assembly at the customer’s end and at the same time avoid tariffs on the import of compl...
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  • India ev car charging standard

    India ev car charging standard

    Charging standards and current situation Among all international standards, India mainly follows IEC standards. However, India has also developed its own standards to harmonize EV-related standards with the global EV industry. These standards can be divided into charging, connector, safety and ...
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  • France goverment subsidy

    France goverment subsidy

    PARIS, Feb 13 (Reuters) – The French government on Tuesday cut by 20% a subsidy higher-income car buyers can get for purchasing electric and hybrid vehicles in order to keep from overrunning its budget to boost the number of electric cars on the road. A government regulation lowered the sub...
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  • Germany goverment subsidy

    Germany goverment subsidy

    With a goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2045, Europe’s largest economy currently has approximately 90,000 public charging points. However, it aims to substantially increase this number to one million by 2030 to promote the growth of electromobility. BERLIN – Germany is set to al...
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  • UK net zero emission

    Nearly 62% of UK households resist adopting electric cars and solar power due to financial constraints, with cost being a significant barrier. The upfront price difference, according to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, contributes to this reluctance. According to a new survey by Ca...
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